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Ali Clifford – oh, yes, that’s me!

So, ‘about’ – hmmm… let’s think, well, Ali CliffordI work with brands to establish and maintain a strong, engaging online presence and customer relationships.

I specialise in unique social media marketing and PR development, running campaigns and workshops.
I’m also a stylist. And often turn my hand to creative design concepts and project management.

It goes without saying that I like a bit of Instagram Blogger, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook page management; Google + and I’m also a Pinterest specialist.

Also, as a trainer – I work with SMEs, and Social Enterprises, to build an understanding of ‘how Social Media works’ and an introduction to social media platforms.

A ‘glowing’ testimonial:
Ali Clifford is an online marketing specialist, and over the last year has worked her magic on our consumer newsletters, instagram, blog, FB and twitter accounts, has organised lots of wonderful co-marketing and competitions, and even introduced us to the delights of Pinterest and is a Google + expert too. She has a good network of contacts, key being the parenting community, and ethical, fairtrade and organic sectors but there’s not much she can’t turn her hand to! If you want to have a chat with her, or know someone who might, please email hello@aliclifford.co.uk or call on 077 66 504 824